Fleet Automobile

Fleet AutomobileOur commercial automobile insurance covers vehicles used for business purposes including: business-owned private passenger vehicles, trucks, tractors and trailers, and fleets of vehicles.

Commercial automobile policies provide coverage for bodily injury and property damage to others, no-fault personal injury coverage, and physical damage coverage for your own vehicle(s) for collision or other perils resulting from the ownership or use of commercial vehicles in a business.

Our commercial automobile program supports a variety of policy forms and limits of coverage including endorsements that broaden coverage over and above that offered on the standard policy form.:

Borad From Insured

Subsidiaries If a named insured inadvertently neglects to list a subsidiary on the insurance application that it intended to include, coverage is automatically extended to that subsidiary.

Newly Acquired or Formed Organizations If the named insured acquires majority ownership of a company for which auto insurance is not in-force at the time of the change, the acquired company becomes a named insured.

Employees as Insureds If an employee driving his or her own car on company business has an accident, the employee is afforded personal liability protection in excess of his or her personal auto insurance.

Lessors as Insureds Allows insureds to satisfy their contractual obligation with lessors without the need to obtain a binder of coverage from us. Also satisfies the routine request for “blanket” additional insured coverage for lessors.

Autos Rented By Employees Adds coverage for employees who rent autos in their own name on behalf of the company.

Fellow Employee Exclusion Provides excess coverage over the driver’s personal auto policy. Employees are afforded protection against suits from fellow workers when state law does not grant immunity to the employee.

Hired Auto Physical Damage Automatically extends physical damage to hired autos if at least one owned auto is insured for physical damage and liability coverage is afforded for hired autos.

Transportation Expense Provides for temporary transportation in the event of total theft.

Lease Gap Coverage Pays the outstanding balance of a lease, if it exceeds actual cash value, when there is a total loss to a leased covered auto for which the lessor is an additional insured.

Airbag Coverage Covers the expense to reset or replace an airbag that inflates even if the
covered auto incurs no physical damage.

Sound Receiving and Reproducing Equipment – Automatically expands coverage, without a separate premium charge, to Broadened Coverage the cost of replacing or repairing permanently installed audio, visual or data equipment

Extra Expense – Broadened Coverage Pays the extra expense required to return a stolen vehicle to the insured.

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