Internet and Cyber Property

Internet and Cyber PropertyLapointe Insurance can tailor an insurance policy for your business that covers the common risks associated with the integration of the Internet and other electronic communication tools into your routine operations.
Most business owners are surprised to learn that many business insurance policies do not adequately cover cyber-based exposures. At a minimum, the following must be considered for coverage:

  • Web Site Vandalism Protects your business in the event of malicious alteration of your Web site by an unauthorized party.
  • Denial of Service Attack Covers loss of business income due to an electronic attack designed to overload your computer or network system, denying e-mail or Web site access by legitimate business traffic.
  • Web Site and Internet Service Interruption Covers interruption of service provided by an off-premises Web site host or Internet service.
  • Good Faith Advertising Covers expenses incurred to restore customer faith after a covered CyberFlex Business Income loss.
  • Internet Advertising Injury Protects against Internet Advertising Injury, such as copyright infringement occurring in your advertisement on the Internet or anywhere on your Web site. Bulletin Boards & Chat Rooms Covers Personal & Advertising Injury (such as defamation, publication of material violating a person’s rights of privacy or copyright infringement) occurring on your bulletin board or chat room.
  • Personal & Advertising Injury Coverage for Advertisements of Others on Your Web Site Provides coverage for your liability for injuries like defamation and copyright infringement from others’ advertisements on your  web site, including featured links to other sites and content from others viewed through your web site.

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