Industrial Hygiene

Industrial HygieneLapointe works with qualified third-party providers to develop an indusrial hygiene program meeting the needs of your business.

Resolving indoor air quality concerns in an office building…

Selecting appropriate eye protection equipment for your employees…

Devising procedures to control hazards associated with a new manufacturing processes or a new chemical used at your factory…

Reducing excess noise in a day care center…

Developing safety guidelines for a high school chemistry laboratory…

Meeting OSHA regulations for hazard communication…

Understanding if and how OSHA’s bloodborne pathogens regulation affects your organization…

Industrial Hygiene service includes the recognition, evaluation, and recommended control of the many health hazards which can be present in factories, offices, hospitals, schools, or other workplaces where people may be exposed to hazardous conditions.

Evaluating Potential Hazards At Your Facility

Lapointe can conduct evaluation surveys to identify potential exposures which could cause occupational diseases and illnesses. Consultants will conduct evaluation surveys by touring your physical plant to assess inventory and operations, and by interviewing management and staff.

Services include air sampling for potential contaminants, and can also assess exposures to other environmental stressors, such as noise, electromagnetic fields, heat or cold, various types of radiation, vibration, or illumination and other ergonomic concerns.

If the Consultant’s review determines that potentially hazardous air contaminants may be present, or may be produced by operations at your facility, the Consultants will devise a strategy for air sampling; select an appropriate sampling method; collect and analyze data; assess the severity and scope of any exposures; and make recommendations for reduction of the hazardous condition.

Lapointe’s provider network includes an AIHA-accredited industrial hygiene laboratory to assist with every aspect of the air sampling procedure: working with the Loss Control Consultant to select the proper sampling method; providing sampling equipment and offering guidance in its use; performing the actual chemical analysis; and providing interpretation of the lab results.

Evaluation of Programs

Lapointe can arrange for Loss Control Consultants to help you evaluate your in-house industrial hygiene programs in such areas as:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Air Monitoring
  • Hazard Communication
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Air Sampling Techniques
  • Laboratory Safety
  • Radiation Hazards

Our industrial hygiene Consultants can also assist you in understanding and complying with OSHA health standards, such as those for methylene chloride, lead, and formaldehyde.

The evaluation includes a review of measurement procedures, calibration techniques, record-keeping, and personnel qualifications.

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