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Lapointe Insurance Agency can provide you with a Massachusetts home insurance or Rhode Island home insurance quote. We will work with you and your family to determine the best homeowner insurance coverage, ensuring that you have all of the homeowner discounts available to you.

Each policy usually contains coverage for the following:

  • Damage to your real property, including your home and other structures on your property,
  • Damage to your personal property,
  • The additional cost of alternate living arrangements,
  • Personal liability lawsuits, and
  • Medical payments, limited for non-residents, for certain accidents occurring on your property.

Section I Coverage A&B:  Damage to Your Real  Property
Your home’s structure is known as your dwelling. Your Dwelling is insured under MA homeowner insurance Coverage A. The overall dwelling coverage limit will cover the expenses of repairing or replacing the structure of your dwelling.

Coverage for other structures on your property, known as Coverage B – including sheds, barns, detached garages, – are usually covered at a level equal to 10% of the dwelling coverage limit. You should check with your insurance company or producer to make sure the amount of coverage on your dwelling, as well as on your other structures, is appropriate to cover a loss.

There are also limited additional home insurance coverages for removing debris, for the increasing cost of construction, for the application of building ordinances that may require repairs, for the cost of reasonable repairs to protect your property against further damage, for damage to trees, shrubs and other plants, any fire department service charge (where applicable) and the cost of removing property from the premises to protect it from further damage. For coverage to apply, the damage must be caused by a peril you are insured for under the policy. You should check your policy to verify exactly what it covers.

Section I Coverage C:  Damage to Your Personal Property
Personal property includes the contents within the walls of your home and other personal belongings owned by you or by family members who live with you. Personal property does not typically apply to belongings of other people who may live with you (i.e., boarders or renters). Their belongings will generally only be covered if you made arrangements with your insurer.

Personal property coverage is based on a percentage (e.g., 50%) of the dwelling coverage limit. Some forms of personal property, such as silverware, computers, guns, money, expensive antiques, and jewelry, have limited coverage under your home policy and you may need additional insurance. This coverage can be added to your policy as an endorsement (or rider) in the form of a personal property “schedule” if appropriate for certain valuable personal property. Check with your insurer or insurance producer at least once a year to make sure your policy gives you adequate limits of coverage.

You should know that RI and MA homeowner insurance policies do not cover private passenger automobiles or other motorized vehicles unless they are unlicensed and used only at your home, including, for example, a riding mower. Your insurance company or licensed producer can help you find coverage for your car, boat or recreational equipment outside the standard insurance you buy for your home.

Section I Coverage D: Loss of Use
If property damage caused by a covered loss prevents you from living in your home, policies can pay the expenses of alternate living arrangements (e.g., hotels and restaurant costs) for a specified period of time to compensate for the “loss of use” of your home until you can return. The additional living expenses limit can vary, but is typically set at up to 20% of the dwelling coverage limit. You talk with your producer for advice about appropriate coverage and determine what type of limit may be appropriate for you.

Section II Coverage E:  Personal Liability Lawsuits 
Personal liability coverage protects you against a claim or lawsuit resulting from (non-auto and non-business) bodily injury or property damage to others caused by your or your family’s alleged negligence (non-auto and non-business). The personal liability coverage limit is usually $100,000. You should determine whether a higher limit is appropriate.

Section II Coverage F:  Medical Payments 
Medical payments coverage, as a part of your home insurance, pays for any medical expenses incurred by persons not living with you who are accidentally injured on your property in a non-automobile-related accident, regardless of fault. Although the medical payments coverage limit is usually set at $1,000, you should determine if the amount of medical payments coverage on your policy is sufficient, or whether a higher limit would be more appropriate for you.

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