Hurricane Katrina taught us all a valuable lesson. We must be prepared for the worst when storm warnings are posted.
Many insurance companies have restricted the number of properties they are willing to insure within 10 miles of the coast. Here in coastal Massachusetts and Rhode Island many of us live within 10 miles of the coast. Most companies will agree to insure your home regardless of the distance to the coast if you install hurricane shutters.

Hurricane shutters have proven to be an effective way to protect your home or business from hurricane force winds. Most properties in the coastal areas of Florida, the Carolina’s and the Gulf Shore are built with Hurricane Shutters. Many of those communities have included Hurricane Shutters or reinforced glass as part of the building codes.

Here in New England we should embrace the lessons learned in the more Hurricane prone states and encourage the use of Hurricane Shutters to protect our property. Your insurance costs could be substantially lower if you do.

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